To identify the risks and the drivers of change, but also to manage the success factors.

A good project manager is someone who has already managed at least 3 similar projects from start to finish. It is someone who has managed a large number of issues that arise during any project (human, technical, communication, organization,…)

Change management also requires that the expert has done the same at least 3 times. In addition, a specific knowledge is required on how to support clients and individuals in modifying their work and organization

Heytalent provides you with Project Managers and Change Managers to help you succeed your transformation projects.


Senior profiles for your projects

++ Responsible to assess change impacts in markets / functions, by conducting impact analyses and resulting integrated change & deployment plan ++ Influencing, coaching and mentoring leaders (of all seniorities) about the benefits of Change Management and looking at ways to further improve this framework to ensure more robust and scalable services