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Digital transformation was already a priority for businesses in 2019/2020, and the pandemic has escalated the importance for companies to digitalise their business and processes. Due to the lockdowns, organizations shifted their internal and business operations to online channels.

Management has become aware of the importance of IT for their business activity but also of the shortcomings preventing certain processes from being carried out in a completely different manner. Electronic signature, e-commerce, the digital workplace and the transition to the cloud should be the top priorities for the CIO/CTO.

At Heytalent, we believe that in 2022, the priorities of our clients in Switzerland will relate to issues around process digitization and security.

Security and Collaboration

A rapidly growing market

Having been at the forefront of IT priorities for several years, security has become even more important with the pandemic and the use of remote work. 15% of CIOs want to further accelerate work in this field.

With the increased use of virtual meetings, another key factor is communication and collaboration, which has now become part of daily life across most professions.

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Success story

Safram in Geneva

Safram entrusted HeyTalent with the responsibility of implementing SD-WAN with High Availability, wired and wireless SD-LAN in its offices and depots, a new centralized WiFi network in its warehouses dedicated to logistics as well as the compliance of its entire network, network and IT equipment for all of its 15 sites in France, Germany, Switzerland and England.

After 2 years of hard work, challenges and despite the pandemic context, HeyTalent has succeeded in achieving 80% of the objectives, stabilizing the network, securing it and making it more efficient: which allows Safram to start migrating to Cloud solutions according to its strategy and group objectives.

Safram has renewed its confidence in HeyTalent to complete all the last projects which will allow it to operate on a brand new, high-performance, stabilized and secure network.