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We focus on candidates who enjoy their current job and explain to them why we may have a career opportunity for them, we guarantee a premium quality service for both candidates and clients, that is why they love us !

The great strength of Heytalent is to organise and manage upstream a database of more than 40,000 talents thanks to its network of matchmakers.

Our services


of specific skills

Commitment to

deliver within 4 days


Perfect match

We are organised to deliver “perfect match” candidates within 4 days; and we take pride in this reputation

Advanced search

We test the job spec by running an initial search on the market and then have a critical discussion with our client to understand “mandatory criteria” and “best wishes”

Multiples sources

We use our own super technology to hunt within most of popular social networks (eg linkedin, github...), and we managed on a daily basis a database of 40k+ of fully qualified candidates thanks to our global network of matchmakers.

Specialised team

Specialized in the provision of skills (full time employment, «placement privé », freelance and « L S E »), our 10 recruiters and 40 matchmakers are specialized in specific technologies, markets or type of clients, although we all work as a team to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Success ratio

In 2021, we helped our clients to deliver 5 major cloud migration projects and to engage 103 candidates (« L S E », freelance, full time employees, and « placement privé »)

Large panel of job requests

Our most recently filled vacancies:
+ Security Manager (RSSI) for a Life Sciences Institution in Neuchâtel (Switzerland),
+ Sales Manager for a company in the US that provides a service on a SAAS AI platform,
+ Communications manager for a pharmaceutical company (Hong Kong),
+ HR Talent and Workforce Planning for a Global Tobacco Company (Asia),
+ Hybrid Enterprise Architect for a very large consulting company in Paris (France),
+ Big Data Architect for a hospitality company in London (UK).