for recruitment

In a click of a mouse, we mobilize 1 to 40 matchmakers for you, each of them being a "career coach" of 300+ candidates and a constantly updated dynamic talent network of 40,000 candidates.

  • Managed by our Matchmakers located all over the world

  • With specific job requests raised by our local customers

The Heytalent team has been working for 2 years on their SAAS platform technology project to accelerate talent matching.

Futur evolutions

Beta version in progress

A beta version of our platform is in production and has been used by our teams since April 2021. We are now working on 3 major challenges:

Perfect match

Provide Matchmakers with the capacity to find potential “perfect match candidates” across as many job boards and social media platforms as possible; not just linkedin, but github, twitter and more…

to multiply the application of candidates

Help Matchmakers to get their "own" good candidates to apply against multiple open positions whilst they are actively seeking; "good candidates" are candidates who have been accepted at least once by the Heytalent core team for an open job position.

Close monitoring

Define KPIs to monitor the quality of the relationship between Matchmakers and their talents in order to reward those who keep good relationships. Encourage Matchmakers to maintain the relationship with their talent over the years as a coach; with the idea that each matchmaker manages a pool of 300+ "good candidates".

How it works

Thanks to the matchmakers, HeyTalent is reinventing recruitment by giving it a human and social dimension.

Why reinventing recruitment ?

It is critical to have talents at the heart of the recruitment process.

Market overload

All recruiters are using the same obsolete methods to find the candidates using the sames job boards. Candidates are harassed by job offers that do not meet their expectations. They do not feel listened and understood.

Finding good match talent is a challenge

Companies are finding it harder and harder to find talents; the tools used and the services deployed to do the job do not take into account the new reality of the labour market.

The Heytalent innovation

A worldwide network of independent recruiters
serving talents.

a global presence

For best efficiency and results, the matchmakers specialise on certain markets, certain technologies or certain type of clients.

Efficiency & Quality

They are trained and certified by HeyTalent, and assisted by our internal experts on a daily basis.

Innovation & technology

A wide range of services and technologies to help matchmakers bring out the best candidates.

Human centered

As true professionals, they deliver the best services to companies while taking into account the talent aspirations and expectations.


at the service

of human development

HeyTalent has set up innovative technologies which are used all along our human-centered recruitment process.



Our algorithms take into account both people's affinities and their technical skills when matching talen to companies.


Our technologies allow us to identify the best talents on the web, they are validated and managed by our matchmakers.


Our candidates are certified by our matchmakers, tested using our gaming solutions, and their profesionnal experience is checked thanks to the blockchain.


Blockchain technology provides an ideal and secure setting for signing contracts between matchmakers and our clients as well as between freelancers and clients.